☺Site updates☺

22-08-24: And now it's time for my Windows 98 system to have its own page.

22-08-23: Uploaded this thing about my IBM Windows 2000 PC. It's incomplete I'll add to it later.

22-08-18: Added a page about my Windows XP machine. I still need to work on main content and text formatting.

22-08-18: Mostly done restructuring the layout placement (header, sidebar, content and footer), tried really hard on the header.

22-08-17: Removed the music player, revamped page structure and javascript to make it easier for me to add pages with actual content later on.

22-08-16: Edited the scrollbar style, switched from webamp to a simpler js music player. Updated Credits page.

22-08-15: Added the Credits page, enlarged sidebars, various other invisible CSS and layout tweaks. Also Winamp!!

22-08-14: Fixed some code formatting, tweaked pages layout. Started working on parallax type effect stuff.


About this site

I'm developing this page for fun in my spare time, I'm mostly learning how to do old website stuff without using deprecated code, trying to keep everything W3C compliant. It's quite the process.

Everything here is forever a Work in Progress, I plan to share my retro computer builds, my console mods, some of the books I read, internet oddities and some cool links.

I haven't done any webmastering since maybe 2005, it's insane the stuff you can do with just HTML, JS and CSS nowadays! it's super fun I'm having a blast.

Electronic Mails!!!

Forever under construction.

I also really fucking love classic and modern CRPGs, I'm still thinking of ways of including some things about that in here eventually.





The newest game developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts!!!